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21F406.222 NEU: Online: Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem (B2/C1)

Beginn am Di., 23.02.2021, 19.30 Uhr
Kursgebühr 13,00 EUR (6-7 TN), 11,00 EUR (ab 8 TN)
Dauer 1 Termin
Kursleitung Saskia Müller

In this short course you are getting to know the poem : The hill we climb by Amanda Gorman. The 22-year-old poet recited this poem at the inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden on 20 January. Not only the message but as well the immense powerful use of the English language makes it a fantastic piece of literature, worth to have a closer look, worth to be discussed. Dive into the world of poetry! The course is held in English.

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